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On November 16, some of the finest makers, folks, and brands from the west coast gathered at Portland's Union/Pine for a Wild party.  Sharime Kay, My Diary of Us, and I were nearing the end of our Makers Route road trip for Welcome Stranger and a gathering of familiar faces and new friends was a welcome break from the days of work spent on the road. In the weeks leading up to the event, I was completely overwhelmed with the outreach from brands all over the country who wanted to show their support and were joining the party in spirit and in gesture by donating their quality goods for giveaways for our party guests. The donations were spearheaded by Chelsey Nichol of Type A Press and each and every time she notified me of a brand donation, my eyes would well up with tears. Moved. Encouraged. And completely blown away. 

As I read the letter that was sent out by my sweet friend

"I am reaching out to you because you know my friend Lindsey Smith of Makers Workshop....... She is our tireless cheerleader and continuously works to tell our stories through her website, photography and photo styling. Our stories become a part of hers. And now we have a chance to show Lindsey how much we appreciate her,"

I couldn't help but think of each and every one of the makers who have become such an integral part of my every day because of Makers Workshop. I often say, that if I never make a dime from Makers Workshop, it will have been worth it because I have made some of the greatest friends of my life and this trip verified that in so many ways. 

Many of you who follow, know what a year this has been for me personally. I've battled an unnamed medical condition where I have muscle spasms in my face, hands, and feet, constant issues with numbness...you name it. So when this road trip and party came to fruition, it was the sweetest relief from my doctors visits and a little bit from reality. I couldn't be more grateful to the folks who made this night possible or to the ones who came to celebrate a good night of conversation and friendship with me. Giles Clement simply made the night with his gorgeous tintype photography, offering portraits to individuals or groups alike. Now I have this night, forever captured, in silver and ink as a reminder of all of the goodness. The wet plate was not forgiving and somehow seemed to enhance the worry of the year on my face- maybe it is better that way, that it shows- a true capture.  

It's funny how you don't realize how many people you love in far away places until you have them all in one room. There were friends there like Tiandra Cummins who I met on a Juniper Ridge hike once,  the Wildfang crew who were there in full support, Georgia King the ravishing redheaded editor from Kinfolk who I could have talked to for hours,  Courtney Wilson, professional adventurer, from Danner Boots, Todd Brennan- the first boy I ever loved, Matt Pierce from Wood and Faulk,  Leland Duck from Revive PDX, The Shelter Co crew all the way from San Francisco.... the list goes on and on!  

Can we do it again?

Tune in tomorrow for cocktails from our evening sponsored by Art in the Age

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