End of the World

In New Orleans, past a popular neighborhood called the Bywater and across a set of disused railroad tracks, there's a levee the locals call The End of the World. It's surrounded by several hauntingly abandoned buildings and bordered by the industrial canal. A last minute trip to New Orleans last week to visit with Andrew Mariani of Scribe Winery and Matt Ahern of The White Queen Wine for the day ended atop the narrow sliver of grass overlooking the Mississippi river. Andrew and I met many weeks before at his vineyard under the Northeastern California sky in Sonoma.  Scribe has designated their area as a "Forever Wild" Conservation Easement, which is based on the understanding that "a vineyard managed in harmony with the greater ecosystem results in a more site-specific, terroir-drive grapes." Needless to say, I jumped at the chance to spend time once again with this brilliant and inspiring fellow and was reminded of the many ways Makers Workshop opens my eyes to the many incredible pioneers of our time.  "Forever Wild" is an idea we can get on board with.