Inside the Makers Workshop: Kimberlin Co.

We love that as a maker, your workshop isn't confined to one specific set of four walls or within any walls at all for that matter. We prefer it that way. That is why we chose todays #makersworkshop Instagram feed takeover with Eric Kimberlin. Eric serves up a bevy of talent from photography, spoon ring making, and scouting the great PNW. 

Eric started handcrafting silver spoon rings in 2010 for his sisters, which quickly turned into a fun hobby in his garage, and then into a full-time job. Working mainly with sterling silver and silver-plated flatware found at local antique shops or flea markets he crafts rings and bracelets into comfortable and wearable pieces.

Wild mountain goat spotted on a recent adventure to Glacier National Park with Ben Schuyler.

The lovely kimathomas against PNW fog.


Ben Schuyler, Clementine & Kevin Russ on Orcas Island.

Cast fears aside.

Northwest Owl spoon ring sits perched in a tree.

Skeleton Key ring in an Evergreen forest. 

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