Inside the Makers Workshop: Aleksandra Zee

"My name is Aleksandra Zee, I am a woodworker. I make wall hangings tables and headboards all made from new and reclaimed wood. A day in my workspace is not work at all for me. I am so lucky that I get to do what I love for a living, I wake up pinching myself every morning that this is the life I get to lead. First things first with any day I grab some coffee and head to the studio. When I get to the studio I spend about an hour getting inspired and prepping for my days work. Sometimes that means pulling old rusty nails out of old lath for a few hours. After that's done I move on to creating. I work organically, laying and cutting each piece as I go. By creating that way it becomes a creative meditation that I end up looking track of time and fall in love with every piece I make. I try my hardest to finish my work each day but if I don't then I make sure to leave at a stopping point that will let me jump right back in to that meditation. It's all creative energy that goes into every day in the studio, being preset and loving what I do makes all the difference."

Aleksandra Zee creates three-dimensional objects from found and re-purposed materials and situates them in site specific installations. Ranging in scale from small interventions to whole room distortions, she strives to transform the viewer’s perception of the space. Zee is interested in the transcendence of the harsh, broken, or discarded materials into objects of soft whimsy. In much the same way, Zee wants the viewer to pause and lose themselves in the altered environment.Originally from Los Angeles, Zee is constantly inspired by her peers and life in San Francisco.

Aleksandra Zee


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