In January, I paid a visit to my pal Paul Kaufman at his beautiful LA home. Pskaufman was founded in 2010 after a long career in shoemaking, Paul decided it was time to put his name to a product that reflected his longtime passion for shoemaking and it's values. His love of heritage is reflected so clearly in his work and in his person. In his garden, story after story of work and of experience was told; every detail of his process with thought and purpose.  

"With a firm belief in footwear that can be worn for decades, not months, pskaufman features Goodyear-welted boots and shoes, made as they have been for over 100 years. Constructed by hand, as well as on ancient machinery, pskaufman features high-quality, full-grain leather uppers and full-grain leather linings." 

We live in a world where everything is go go go!  Paul wants to remind people to stop, take a breath and enjoy their surroundings. That's why you can find the ellipses present on every shoe and why he also "tries to avoid using zippers and other shortcuts in the shoes. It is a reminder to take the time to connect with their shoes, lace them up and walk out of the door. "

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