MW x CALIFORNIA: Wildflowers and Work


This spring, I joined wildcrafters Juniper Ridge for their limited edition Field Lab fragrance harvest,  Topanga Canyon. With my camera and backpack in tow, I documented our 3 days in the Southern California wilderness. We rose early each morning in search of the earth's new bounty, the wildflowers exploding from each brightly colored new green stem. Here, on the trail and around the campfire is where the soul of Juniper Ridge lies and where the basis of my business is born. This recent work for Juniper Ridge, is so emblematic of my mission here at Makers Workshop; to celebrate these incredible processes like enfleurage and these skills that have been passed down for centuries. By first getting to know the brand, the people and their passion, I gained insight that allowed me to create an end product that truly spoke to the core of the company and their culture. It is so rewarding to see this transition for Makers Workshop, to not only shine a light on these companies and makers that I love, but to in turn, use my skills to further tell their story.  

I am excited for the future of Makers Workshop and the new works we will create with other quality brands. If you are interested in more information, you may contact me via email.

You can see more photos from my previous post HERE.