For a long time, I fought joining Instagram. The last thing I needed was another thing to keep me from being present but, as time went on, I finally caved. Since then, Instagram has proven to be more than just another social media platform but, has forged lasting and true friendships. Enter, Janelle Pietrzak, founder of All Roads Design, "a creative workshop and textile studio in Los Angeles. All Roads is a culmination of past experiences, and a collective of skill sets. Carpentry, welding, sewing and weaving are trades combined to solve design challenges and create objects and spaces." 

When I entered the All Roads workshop in January, it was like visiting an old friend though in reality, it was my first meeting with Janelle. We sat in the sun filled studio and shared stories of shared passion as she moved the shuttle back and forth on her new creation. 

Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak first worked together when she was his weekend apprentice at a vintage motorcycle repair shop in Philadelphia. It wasn’t long until they started planning their own projects together outside the garage. He is a master carpenter, experienced home builder and certified welder; with the knack to adapt to just about any trade. She has worked in the fashion design industry sourcing fabrics for 10 years - including for Anthropologie for 6 years -  and is now a full time textile artist. Together, they combine wood, metal, fiber and reclaimed materials to create objects, site specific installations and custom furniture.