Jacob Bromwell Since 1819

Jacob Bromwell is one of America’s oldest companies, creating a variety of unique, hard-to-find products proudly made in the USA. It was founded with the mission of producing the “highest quality cooking, baking, and campfire products for American families.” As one of America’s leading housewares companies, all of their products are well-built, non-electric, and backed by a Lifetime Guarantee.

Jacob Bromwell was born in Richmond, Virginia in 1785. As an educated, young soldier of the War of 1812, and a frontier entrepreneur, he soon accumulated enough money to get himself out of Baltimore and travel to the new territories opening out West—more specifically, Cincinnati.

“So he forged his way across the American frontier and started the first wire-weaving and housewares business, calling it The Bromwell Brush & Wire Goods Company.  Mr. Bromwell's company created cutting-edge products that fulfilled the demands and needs of fellow pioneers during his era.  The products included shoe and scrub brushes, leather and wood horse shiners, dusting and window brushes, mops, rat traps, sand screens, corn poppers, and sifters.” Cincinnati developed into the “Queen City of the West,” which helped Bromwell’s wire-goods business grow. In the 20’s, Jacob Bromwell moved to Michigan City, Indiana and has been rooted there ever since.

"Few companies have exclusively employed only Americans for longer than Jacob Bromwell." — World Net Daily

Jacob Bromwell has transformed from a little wood-framed building into one of America’s leading housewares companies for almost 200 years. When classic is the only thing that will do, I find myself turning to these humble tools. My latest acquirement, the Great American Copper Flask. To own it, is to own a piece of history. Each flask is individually soldered and comes with a historically accurate American birch wood stopper." 100% hand built out of pure, solid copper by red-blooded American workers, just like the massive copper pots used by distillers for purifying liquids. This purely authentic, purely American flask is the perfect example of attention to historical detail and handmade craftsmanship, and is ideal for your favorite barrel-aged American whiskey or similar beverage. And like all the best things in life, it only gets better with age."

Jacob Bromwell


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