Pistil + Stamen: Garden Party

There are few things that bring joy to my heart more than a garden in spring. Sharime Kay and I had the pleasure of attending a garden party at Pistil + Stamen in New Orleans on May 22. We sipped fresh floral cocktails as the sun set over the city, in our own secret garden it seemed as the gentle sound of melodic shoe taps and banjo plucking filled the air. This was one of those sweet tender moments of friendship, where words don't need to come but when simple company is enough. Both of us with loving smiles on our faces.

Pistil & Stamen is the collaboration of garden educator Megan McHugh and organic garden designer Denise Richter.  With a combined 15 years of experience gardening for the New Orleans Edible Schoolyard, we planted our first flower farm seedlings in 2013.  

Pistil + Stamen