MW x RRLJR: Made in USA

We have had the honor of working with so many talented makers and artists and Ricky Ray Lester JR tops our list. We not only support Made in America here but even more so, the idea of passing these skills down to the generations to follow. It is an important and necessary part of what we do here. Ricky exemplifies this behavior and standard and can be seen  working side by side with his son, Connor. His eager little hands helping trace the inked outlines of a stamp, learning. I first wrote about Ricky months ago and since his work and his character continue to set the standard. I am proud to now offer this t-shirt made in collaboration with RRLJR in our store, today!


Through this design, Ricky wanted to express that the t-shirt was not only made in USA, but that it was completely made in USA every step of the way from the materials to the printing process. He needed to find an object that represents that and that is also commonly recognizable and iconic. So after some brainstorming he found that the dock cleat was the best option. Dock cleats are the metal anvil shaped objects on the edge of docks that docking ships tie their ropes down to. To him the rope tied dock cleat represents the halt of overseas imported and exported products and materials by tying down the ships that transport them. Show your support for 100% made in USA products and materials by visiting our shop to find out more about this t-shirt and order one for yourself and/or a friend!! 

All of the graphics on this tee were designed and have been individually block printed by hand by designer Ricky Ray Lester Jr. The graphics include the “Made in USA” stamp on the front, Ricky Ray Lester Jr.’s logo on the left sleeve, and a custom Ricky Ray Lester Jr. and Makers Workshop collaboration inside size label all designed in a vintage stoneware print aesthetic.

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Because these tees are block printed by hand the print results will vary with each garment giving each stamped print it’s own unique characteristics. The fabric color will be a dark navy blue and have grey stamped graphics very similar to the images seen here.




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