The Huckberry Explorer's Grants

Our pals at Huckberry, along with incredible brands Topo DesignsPolerNemo, and Goal Zero, want to send you on your next great adventure! Huckberry began as a small idea in a San Francisco apartment three years ago and has quickly grown into a major resource for those in search of quality goods. As a 'team of writers, designers, and doers,' these guys challenge their readers to grab their grear, get out there and adventure in search of whatever it is you are out to find. Surely earth's vast and wild landscape holds the key. 

HERE'S what you need to know:

1. Email, and tell us about one adventure that you've always wanted to go on. Want to ride the Great Divide? Kayak Alaska's fjords? We want to help you do it. Please keep your entry to 150 words or less, and obviously, the more thoughtful the entry, the better.

2. Our friend, Huckberry reader, and (cough) a Nat Geo Adventurer of the YearAlastair Humphreys—will select three winners.

3. If you win, you'll receive $1,000 cash towards the adventure, and a bunch of rad gear from our buds at Topo DesignsPolerNemo, and Goal Zero. How far can you go on $1,000? Well, Alastair once walked across India on that budget!

4. We'll feature the winners' adventures on our Journal to keep the inspirational karma loop going.


That time Alastair walked 1,000 miles across the Empty Quarter desert. Don't miss his Flickr for past adventures.


That time four friends took fourteen horses over 3,000 miles down the divide.


That time three friends rode their motorcycles more than 10,000 miles around the USA. 



Alastair Humphreys is a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, the force behind the #microadventure movement, a prodigious blogger, motivational speaker, author of five books, and full-time adventurer. Beyond that, he’s a normal professional explorer—36 years old, married, enjoyer of beer. His explorations include: cycling around the world, completing the Marathon des Sables, canoeing the Yukon, walking across India, packrafting across Iceland, and rowing across the Atlantic ocean, unsupported. His next adventure is in the works.

Find out more at


  • Applications must be submitted to by March 31, 2014.

  • Please submit a 150 word (or less) summary of your planned adventure, and—for bonus points—a photograph or links to any previous adventures. Creativity helps. Thoughtfulness helps. Planning helps. This is the elevator pitch you always wanted to give, make it count. Here's a sample application.

  • Three winners will be announced on April 9, 2014.

  • To win, adventure must be scheduled to occur before December 31, 2014, and must be an original adventure, not yet attempted (by you).

  • Prizes will be distributed in the weeks prior to each individual adventure launch date.

  • Winners must document their travel, and all documentation must be made available for Huckberry and our Explorer's Grants affiliates use. You also agree to post the account of the adventure first on (after that go buck wild and write a book).

  • Huckberry and our affiliates are not liable or responsible for how your adventure plays out, we are only providing financial assistance and gear for the good of the cause.

  • Being rad helps. Good pictures help. But most of all, a solid adventure is the golden ticket.



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