Tumbleweeds Handcraft

I am extraordinarily excited about this package that arrived today from Tumbleweeds Handcraft, makers of the original wood veneer sunglasses. Not only did they made these incredible wooden sunglasses and adventure utensils for me, but they also sent along a vintage hat just because it made them think of me. Clearly, they know the way to my heart! It is just another example of how our maker family is connected and bonded even from afar. Thank you Beca and Doug, I will treasure these always.

"Tumbleweeds Handcraft is Beca Lewis Skeels and Doug Switalski. We claim stakes in the swamps of Florida's Central gulf coast, although in the last few years we've moved from the desert of Tucson, to beaches of San Diego, to the mountains of Tennessee and to a holler in Southern Indiana. We're making our way back home this February. We make the original wood veneer sunglasses.

We work with high impact acetate frames and veneer wood by hand to create an unique and durable pair of sunglasses. We also make Adventure Utensils and a number of other wood based products for our kindred spirits. Doug has a background in furniture building, veneer work and an assortment of mechanical and technical experience. Beca has worked in the film and TV industry but found a career as a pastry chef. In 2011, we both quit our full time jobs to keep up with the demand of our sunglasses orders. We've handmade over 6000 pairs of sunglasses in the last 3 years and have recently decided to focus on small batch, one of a kind collections."

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