MW x Nelle Design Mug

We've partnered with Nelle Design to bring you this comfy handmade mug featuring the Makers Workshop logo. Our heraldic shield, a timeless symbol representative of our maker family and the great tradition of craft.

Nelle Design, a small pottery in upstate NY. Each piece is designed, handmade & intended for daily use in your life and home.

“One of my deepest desires for my work is that people find joy in the pieces they use, that each piece fits in their own story, supporting & comforting them on their journey to wholeness and happiness".

“There is nothing perfect about my work, because perfection is not what I’m striving for; rather I try to provoke beauty in the imperfect along with a physical response. I want people to touch and feel the textures that make each piece handmade. Imperfection is part of handmade, and it is a part of the story in my pots. Letting people feel that there is a process involved, a slow, layered and tedious process. I believe people respond to this because often they themselves strive for more calm, honest, real and personal in their own lives.’’

 This hearty mug holds approx. 12.5 oz and is available in two styles.

 Get yours now!

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