Kletterwerks: Extremely Well Built

In 1975 after touring the world skiing and climbing, Dana Gleason II, was working out of the back of his VW van repairing friends gear at trailheads. In the era of leather, wool, and canvas bags, Gleason was inspired to create something more functional and lightweight for the alpinist. With the introduction of Cordura fabric and a "fury of creativity" Gleason built five different backpacks," birthing the Kletterwerks brand. These packs - the Terraplane, Day, Flip, Rock, and Hip Sack - would shape Kletterwerks history for the next 40 years.

By the mid 80s, Dana had created new brands Dana Design, Mojo System, Quest, and Mystery Ranch, and had built one of the most well-respected backpacks on the planet. With a focus on quality goods for the hardest users in the world in the most extreme conditions imaginable, the company was approached in 2006 and gained their first military contract to the Navy Seals. Since 1975, Kletterwerks has developed "into an international source for backpacks, specializing in military, firefighting, ski patrol, medical, hunting, and of course, outdoor. They are all American made, and extremely well built."

"We took much of the lessons we’ve learned in design from our work in the professional level, regarding materials, construction, durability, etc., and introduced them to the Kletterwerks line.  So everything we build is to Navy SEAL standards.  2015 will be the 40th anniversary of the brand, and Dana’s son Dana III (D3) is at the helm.  Both Dana’s are still heavily involved in the company and as of today, our production is spread throughout our main facility here in Bozeman, Montana, Seattle, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Denver. Our Bozeman factory has 110 employees and of that 110, there are 5 ex wildland fire fighters, 3 pro skiers, 6 ex military, 4 professional hunters, 7 extreme alpinists, and dozens of outdoorsmen.

Our plans are to provide customers with a product that not only has an incredible story, but is built to last generations – both in durability and style.  It also goes without saying, we pride ourselves on being able to maintain American production. In reality, it is as simple as this: 'we are just mountain folk building backpacks'."




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