Portland introduced us to an abundance of talented makers and artists who are bursting with talent, passion, and who truly captured our hearts. Among them, was Matt Pierce of Wood & Faulk; "builder, designer and tinkerer." A common favorite, I have long been familiar with Matt's remarkable work which can also be found through heritage brands such as Pendleton. We joined Matt and his team in their inspiring workspace set above Portland's Beam and Anchor where he carefully crafts leather goods, belts, bags, and outdoor gear. We talked archery and mountains and inhaled the glorious scent of catcher's mitt leather. The space itself, indubitably inspiring, is feverishly brought to life by energy and light pouring through grand windows with mountain views.
"Wood&Faulk is my chosen moniker, and it comes from Woodrow and Faulkner – two streets that I lived on during my later time in Kansas. Back then, I learned so much about working on old houses, building furniture, plumbing, electrical, working on cars, wood projects, metal projects and more. I felt like I should honor those earlier years."
Quickly growing, Matt will soon leave this treasured workspace for another as his business expands; a bittersweet celebration of accomplishment. Before our own departure Ruthie, our rep, and I were introduced to the collective of makers sharing this extensive space. Amongst the group are Leland Duck of Revive Upholstery and Design, Nori Gilbert of Maak Soap Lab, and Ben Klebba of Phloem Studio. So many amazing things happening in one place, one cannot help but feel inspired.           

Visit Wood & Faulk's blog  that "documents experiments, style and craft."
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