Wildfang captures the essence of  the heroine and the hellion, rascals, rockers, shape shifters, and trendsetters alike with their menswear inspired brand. Providing clothes that both echo the heart of our tomboy souls and are functional for our wild tomboy lifestyles. Now, in true Wildfang spirit, they are taking the fashion world by storm with the launch of their new private label collection, WILD.LIFE.
The collection features four classic apparel silhouettes, each inspired  by an iconic tomboy archetype: the prep, the jock. the urban, and the rebel. The spirit and style of each archetype is infused into the design of each silhouette, with materials and finishes that meet the needs of the modern tomboy.

WILD.LIFE. was the brainchild of Wildfang Creative Director Taralyn Thuot
“We really wanted to bring some of the traditional archetypes to life through a modern lens,” describes Thuot. “WILD.LIFE is a mash-up of the Wildfang brand values, with the life-style and attitude of the modern tomboy.” 
WILD.LIFE. introduces the Wolf, Wildfang’s new mascot. The wolf features throughout the collection and was designed by Portland-based artist Haley Ann Robinson.
WILD.LIFE. launches on November 22nd at www.wildfang.com and the Wildfang flagship store in Portland, OR.  Prices range from $28-$108.

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