Many know me to be a great lover of the wild. Setting foot to ground and the exploration of it all is what feeds my soul; it is what I am running to at the end of each work week. Joining me every step of the way is iconic American Made shoe brand, Danner.
"In 1932, Charles Danner decided to open his boot making business in the midst of the Great Depression and risk his future on a stubborn belief that – regardless of the economy – superior craftsmanship mattered."
Ruthie Lindsey and I were invited to tour the new Danner factory during our visit to Portland in September; A 59,000 sq ft industrial building located only a mile from the company's corporate headquarters. A drastic change from our frequent individual maker tours, Danner's bustling facility whirred and clanked with the sounds of work. Taylor, the company's Public Relations Coordinator, guided our tour, indulging our many questions and pauses to speak with the workers. We watched as each maker punched holes and stitched seams in a precise yet effortless fashion; the result of great experience and know-how. Machines moved so rapidly that my eyes strained to see. Seated in front of such was a woman; she eyed each bit without measure or gauge and with impressive accuracy. Each station held a defined purpose; hand testing every piece of leather at least 6 times, checking the quality of work from the maker before, testing GORE-TEX® liners for waterproofness, and so on. By the time a boot leaves the Danner factory, it has been touched by over 100 craftsmen.
"Hold a Danner boot in your hands, and you’ll feel the thickness of the leather. Give them a close look, and you’ll see quality details like branded hardware, Vibram® outsoles, and triple stitching. It’s easy to talk about higher standards, but it’s incredibly difficult to live up to them. Since 1932,  that’s exactly what we’ve been doing."
My Danner Mtn. Light boots have forged through time and terrain, never failing. I walk in confidence knowing that should my many steps catch up with me, Danner offers boot recrafting. 
"Many Danner boots can be recrafted by replacing the outsole, reworking the leather and restitching the seams, a man [or woman!] with a pair of Danner boots can go even further. Our craftsmen can provide everything from simple part replacement and leather care to major overhauls."

Also, be sure to check out the incredible new collection, Old Growth, released 11.12 from Woolrich x Danner. "Two historic American manufactures celebrate their logging roots with an iconic collection. A collaboration from East Coast to West Coast held together by the dedication to the quality of each other's craft."

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