Take Your Time Loving Me

Several months ago while watching a video, something wrenched inside and urged me to send it to Margaux Kent immediately. I felt a little crazy as I sorted out my email to the Peg and Awl founder, who was but an acquaintance at the time. My message stammered something along the lines of  "I just thought you should see this. That's all. xx- Lindsey"

This simple gesture threw us into months of correspondence, connection, and a relationship of great purpose.
Margaux would later confide in me her plans for her project, Take Your Time Loving Me; a project about life and self and the balance of it all. The words she spoke weighed heavily on my heart and truth-shaped daggers pierced it into action. She was telling my story. 
Passion often takes over me and my mind is set on work. Then a little voice says, "You horrible fuck, go sit with your child. Work can wait." There are times when I set my tools down and go. And times when I don't. I blink and he's changed. I've missed something.
There is something in this project for all of us.
It's your story too.
"This is a book about unexpected shedding(s). Transformation. And about the time (her son) Søren, then 3, said 'Mama, take your time loving me'.
Sometimes, I can barely move for all the husks and piles of past skin surrounding me. This piling up of skins, The Othernesses, The masks.... Of course I wouldn’t give up my boys for any other life. Though yelling happens and a madness. And crying and feeling shitty. And feeling good. And love, so much love. It is so crazy to dissect and understand and accept my roles. But it is all here, happening, and quite real. Søren and Silas call upon me to play a game, draw, go to the park, all good things, but not all of the time. I cannot pee without company. Sometimes the sounds of two boys shouting is so loud in my head that I lose sight of where I am, if I am. Transformation must happen and does happen. And once each remarkable moment passes, it transforms into an image which I must capture."

Today, Margaux and husband Walter Kent launch their Kickstarter campaign.
"New ideas continuously emerge as I discover the sheddings and the masks of the multiple versions of me. I have stitched fetuses, chalked stars, re-skinned my skin and spun ring-around-the-rosie. I have envisioned, sketched, and written ideas. I have gathered much and shall continue to do so.
But I must be cautious. I do not wish to look up from this one year from now and find my boys in entirely new skins. There is so much I do not want to miss so I must take Søren's advice, and take my time loving. It is so easy to identify the love that exists between parents and children, but much more of a challenge to take the time to understand what that means."

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