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 The Art of Handcraft

Makers Workshop is excited to introduce to you, the Makers Workshop Online Store featuring goods from the hands of over 20 USA makers, artists, and two select makers from afar. Proudly, they support the delicate art of handcraft and celebrate the individuals behind these bespoke treasures.

"In the process of molding this shop of ours, it was imperative that we expand the traditional idea of who and what a maker really is. A maker is a musician, a builder, a stylist, a videographer, and beyond. This variety in artistry was essential in every single aspect of our store's creation from our video's inception to the song that carries it."

"Dive into their hearts-work with us." In the coming weeks, you will uncover stories of daughter carving alongside father, of carefully stitched seams, and of century old family homesteads. "When you purchase a product, you will see who made it, get a behind the scenes look at their process, and know that you are getting something that is made to last."


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