Vivid and varying shades of lush green foliage lined our path as we headed out onto the Lower Macleay Park trail with Juniper Ridge. The mist seemed to be hanging in the air, rather than falling. Founder, Hall Newbegin's familiarity of Pacific Northwest flora poured out of him in excited delivery as we meandered down the path. I stood back snapping photographs and watching as he, on bended knee, buried head to ground, inhaling the aroma of the damp earth. "It looks silly," he stated "but I don't care!" And quickly the rest of the group followed suit, hoping to discover whatever it was that seemed to have caused such delight. It was my first hike with the Juniper Ridge founder, but I cannot help but think that he takes every step in nature with the same simple marvel of discovery. The excitement and veneration he exudes is pure. It is with that same heart that Juniper Ridge creates their line of wildcrafted Backpacker Cologne, Campfire Incense, Cabin Spray and Soap. 
"We distill colognes and perfumes from real plants, bark, moss, mushrooms, and tree trimmings found hiking the backcountry. That process can look pretty ridiculous at times. We go camping. We crawl around in the mountain meadows. We smell the wet earth beneath fir trees, and spend whiskey-fueled hours geeking out over the scent of wind off a glacier. "
Time passed quickly with few steps taken towards our destination. So, to beat the setting sun, we hastily moved onward and upward leaving stories of mycelium and Hericium erinaceus behind. Crossing road and rock, we arrived at the trails end; a moody cloud covered lookout over all of Portland. We stood in silent gazes; new friends side-by-side. 
I could have walked forever in their good company.

Hang out with the wildcrafters at their Brooklyn Pop-Up inside Fellow Barber, Thursday October 10! And stay tuned for more on Juniper Ridge and their new Backpacker Colognes next week!

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