A haven for makers and shoppers alike, Beam & Anchor provides a transformed 7,000 sq foot warehouse space for craftsmen to both create and peddle their wares. Born in the Winter of 2011 from painter Jocelyn Rahm and furniture reclaimer Robert Rahm, Beam & Anchor was a necessary stop during our Portland trip. To see all of the makers I have known and loved for so long, come together in one space, made my heart do little cartwheels. The upstairs, a workshop for a talented group of makers; the downstairs, a curated lot of goods from the hands of folks like Wood & Faulk, Juniper Ridge, Corter Leather, Stitch & Hammer, and Native State. I spent at least an hour wondering the tables, fingering the well crafted pieces.
"Beam & Anchor is a place where like-minded creatives come together to commune and cross-pollinate. Where the product is not seen as independent from the creative process. Where wisdom and understanding grows through seeing the humanity and stories in things and people.Where imperfection is a beautiful thing. Where love, integrity and connection to one another is the foundation for everything else. "
When we started reaching out to folks for suggestions of people and spaces to visit while in the Pacific Northwest, Beam & Anchor topped everyone's list... and with good reason. "When we honor our personal narrative coupled with our innate ability to originate, amazing things begin to occur. " It is  powerful to see not only the Portland community, but beyond, embrace this extraordinary idea of collaboration. It is a similar heart we share here at Makers Workshop and a movement we can't help but love watching grow. With folks like Robert and Jocelyn, we are on our way to something amazing indeed.

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