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To see working hands dripping with indigo dye or hear excited voices, elated with the discovery of a newly crafted scent; these are the moments that shaped the foundation of Makers Workshop. Founded in 2012, Makers Workshop seeks beauty in the process, in the maker, and in the soul of the goods that grace our shelves. Beyond a clean product shot, the focus remains to shed light on the spirit of handcraft because it is "in those undone sort of moments when we are surrounded by mess, wild and unbridled that great things happen."  Heavily focused on reviving Made in America, founder Lindsey Smith states, "Made in America to us is not a trend or fleeting idea. Made in America is quality handcrafted goods and the skills passed down from generation to generation. The timelessness and soul of those products is what makes our heart skip a beat! It is with a discerning eye we offer a very well curated lot of craftsmen and products that resonate with even the humblest of makers."

October 30, Makers Workshop launches our new online store at featuring a selection of men and women's apparel, home, and found goods. "When you purchase a product, you will see who made it, get a behind the scenes look at their process, and know that you are getting something that is made to last."  With a group of over 20 USA makers, artists, and two select makers from afar, the shop will also offer a list of exclusive items including hand tarnished mirrors and hand dyed and woven tapestries.

Makers include:

Squidwhale Designs

Anna Addison

Fischer Clothing

Zola Jewelry//Objects

ABJ Glassworks

Greenmarket Purveying Co.

Rebel & Quill

Vicki Beechler

Dark Woods Soap Co.

Nelle Design

Imaginary Authors

Simply Supply

Kara Breaux

Stash Co.

Eric Vosburg

Board & Bread

Ruth Parker

Moniker Goods

Sharime Jobe

Iggy and Lou Lou

Peg & Awl

Stock & Barrel

Ricky Ray Lester Jr.

Matthew Holdren Design


Julie Odell

For more, please contact Lindsey Smith:

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