Guest Post: Anna Addison | Indian Beach, Oregon

Right outside Cannon Beach, Oregon is Ecola State Park.  It was here that I first fell in love with the Pacific Northwest many years ago. As a child I was enchanted by the larger than life boulders proudly jutting forth from the waters edge.  My second visit did not disappoint.  We arrived at Indian Beach close to sundown, known to many photographers as the Golden Hour.  Dusk along the Oregon coast is magical.  The power of the ocean is palpable as stubburn rocks push back againts her repeated attacks, creating loud bursts of froth.  But despite this violence there is a sense of calm. Perhaps it is the knowledge that this back and forth has been repeating for years before I set foot on this sand.

Anna Addison Davis is a Louisiana born photographer specializing in editorial and travel photography.  Anna graduated from Tulane University in 2010 with a bachelors in Fine Art and a minor in English Literature.  She has since begun traveling the world, with the goal of visiting every continent.

Anna Addison




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