Kinfolk: Camp Cooking Workshop

The weekend began with Sharime Kay, Ruthie Lindsey, and I gathering flowers; plucked carefully from the garden of friends. Bouquets of lemon-mint, lavender, and hydrangeas filled the air with the lingering traces of Summer. We arrived at Rebekka and Manley Seale's quaint Nashville home and were greeted with lively smiles and a  bourbon citrus tea was instantaneously in my hand. Quick to work, setting the tables with white organic dinnerware and chambray napkins from West Elm, a beautiful menu designed by Rebekka, and arrangements of wild bouquets of greenery. Everyone rushing about in preparation as the hour drew near. Beth Kirby and Hannah Messinger in the kitchen masterfully cooking away plates of sorghum-glazed chicken liver and muscadine, lemon verbena BBQ pork. But, soon, worries of preparation and work were long gone and laughter invaded the space.
"Dinner consisted of simple shared plates of : thick sliced heirloom tomatoes with herbed salt; skewers of grilled chicken livers with a sorghum “yakitori” glaze & pickled Vidalia onions; a massive turnip green salad with roasted okra, grilled corn, spicy buttermilk cornbread croutons, and a thick buttermilk herb dressing by Beth (you can find the recipe for the salad on Hannah’s blog, Nothing But Delicious); and a big platter of BBQ pork shoulder from Creekridge Farms & local sausages from Porter Road Butcher all in Beth Kirby's muscadine BBQ sauce. " (Beth Kirby, A Kinfolk Workshop: The Art of Camp Cooking Nashville)
We shared stories of our lives; who we were and where we had been, as we bundled dried sage, eucalyptus, and lavender for camp fire starters and quickly became friends. Then, as night fell, the men whittled sticks for s'mores, a glorious arrangement of oak and tea homemade marshmallows, Hannah's made from scratch sorghum crackers, and Olive & Sinclair chocolate.
A belly full of good food and laughs around the campfire. What a wonderful evening! Until next time Kinfolk....

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photos by sharime kay
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