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Robert Maddox is trained architect and builder based in Asheville, NC, and Jesse Cooper is a woodworker based in Montpelier, VT. Together they designed and built this 3 season timber-framed screen cabin for our friend Pam in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The rustic cabin is situated on a precipice overlooking a steadily flowing stream, a quarter mile from electricity into the woods. The gravel and stones use to build the foundation were harvested from the nearby stream. The foundational posts are made from Black Locust, one of the hardest and most rot-resistant woods out there. The posts, beams and braces for the timber frame were cut outdoors near electricity, and then rigged, rolled and raised over two streams, up a cliff, and through the woods with the help of many friends. We raised the timber frame that same day. The timbers are fastened together with hand cut wooden pegs. All of the windows were either constructed or salvaged. The door, loft and ladder were all new build. The roof is cedar shingled, and the siding is salvaged barn board from a barn that had been deconstructed down the road from where we lived in Vermont. The stairs to the cabin are dry laid stone. Jesse, Rob and I camped for the duration for the project, into the beginning of the cold New Hampshire autumn. By the end of the project we were burning the cut offs of the cedar shingles to keep warm - so luxurious! 

This was one of the most exhilarating and rewarding projects I've had the pleasure to witness (and help out with here and there). The cabin is a sanctuary for us and for others - a place to unwind, focus your mind, and to just be. We visit each year to spend some time there after Rob teaches a class in Vermont, and to reconnect with Jesse and his partner Serena, as well as Pam, the owner of the land. It's our home away from home.                                                                                                

"SHELTER is a collective of generalists tending towards towards these specializations: design, craft, painting, leather work, sewing, cabin building, woodworking, drawing, walks in beautiful settings, alchemy, the art of listening, and more. Here to offer you well-crafted, beautiful, and thoughtful designs that are elegant, rustic, and timeless.

Karie Reinertson earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts and has exhibited her paintings and illustrations in numerous shows in Washington, DC, San Francisco, CA, and Portland, OR.  Prior to SHELTER, she worked for an environmental design non-profit, was a design/build intern and chef for Yestermorrow Design/Build School, and traveled extensively internationally, volunteering for environmental education centers.  She is currently designing and making handbags here in the US that focus on beautiful, quality and sustainable materials. "

Thanks to Karie Reinertson for sharing this with us!

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