There are times when you meet someone and you just know; You know that your paths were meant to cross and that even in its new state, your friendship will be one of great proportion. Enter, Christian Watson; curator and mastermind behind 1924, an online shop featuring a selection of vintage, antique, and handcrafted goods. The online store has a bevy of products, for men and women, whose story is told and truly captured in an image. Gone are the days of dropout product photos. With hundreds of thousands of online retailers, shoppers now want more. They want the product to evoke feeling, have a story, and create an experience right from their monitor. And 1924 is doing just that with their handmade and durable aesthetic.

Newly added to the 1924 shop this week is Atelier de l'Armee, a brand of bags and aprons handcrafted in Amsterdam.
"When selecting our products, we are very particular in that we are looking for things made with quality, character and an aesthetic suitable to our own! There are a lot of great makers our there waiting to be discovered (hopefully by us) and it is always so warming to meet up and coming crafters. People who are just starting out are full of ideas and originality and witnessing that progression is important to us. As for our reclaimed goods? Character, character, character. We want to bring something to the table that you cannot just pick up at a local thrift shop. These are old and at times very rare items that we love! Whether they work or not, they are a quality good that will accent both a home and a lifestyle."

Currently an online store, 1924 hopes to put down roots soon! 
"We are always working away at different things, ushering in our own progression of products from the hands of others' to the goods we find buried in mountains of dust. So really, what we are ultimately working towards is our big move to Portland, OR. We are based in the area but would love to open a Brick & Mortar location. This is what we hope for most!"
   And we hope so too!

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