Oliver's Roundup

It's hard to believe that in April we celebrated Oliver's third birthday. I know everyone says it but man, time does fly! With his latest obsession, all things cowboy, it seemed appropriate that we have a cowboy and Indian themed party. We used found objects from around the house to decorate the tabletops, Sharime K made faux cacti to mix in with the real ones, Gregory fashioned a horse of rope and wood, and I was able to try my hand at making a (giant) dream-catcher with handmade and real feathers. The kids had a (rubber band) gun slinger shoot out, took turns lassoing the handmade horse, and went on an animal tracking adventure. The winner of each game was allowed to pick one toy out of the prize crate where there was an assortment of wooden pop guns, rubber snakes, bandanas, and other themed toys. Instead of the usual treat bags to take home, we gave each child a refillable water bottle and flashlight when they arrived to use for the camp-out. At the end of the night, we pitched our tents, warmed ourselves by the cardboard fire (ok! it was pretend) and settled in to watch TOY STORY. The kids watched Woody and Buzz larger than life under the stars and projected on to a screen in the backyard. I have to admit it was just as cool to me as it was to them. Spending time together and making memories. That's what it is all about. 


Photos by Sharime Kayla Jobe