Will Leather Goods

Last month I ordered a Will Leather Goods backpack as a gift for Gregory's birthday. Though I knew he truly wanted a leather bag, I opted for the waxed canvas instead; a much  lighter weight for when we are hiking or for when he is riding his motorcycle. Loaded with pockets, I knew this particular bag would appeal to his meticulous nature. And to our pleasant surprise, after we received it, inside we discovered a plaid camp pillow. Bonus points, Will Leather. The backpack was lovingly displayed on a set of old theatre seats in our living room just waiting to be used...ready for adventure. 

Almost a week after the bag arrived, I received a phone call from a Will Leather rep wanting to verify it's arrival and our satisfaction. Now, I order a lot of things online and NEVER have I been contacted just to see how I liked the product. Bonus points again, Will Leather.

"Based out of Eugene, Oregon, Will Leather Goods is a leading American men and women’s leather accessories brand recognized internationally for their use of high quality materials and excellent workmanship. The brand caters to men and women’s everyday needs with an authentic and handcrafted feel. Will Leather Goods manufacturers belts, bags, wallets and other small accessories that are classic, stylish, and most importantly, functional."

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