Juniper Ridge: No Fake Fragrance

Juniper Ridge creates "real fragrances; The kind that comes from wild harvested plants and trees, rearranges your insides and takes you away to the quietness of wilderness." While I'm sure their products are intended for backpackers and outdoorsmen alike, I find I am splashing on their Siskiyou cologne during the week as I jet out to a meeting or chasing after Ollie. Nature is a pretty incredible thing and the folks at Juniper Ridge know that it's good just the way it is. That's why all of their fragrances are "extracted in the field using pre-industrial perfume techniques – juice presses, converted whiskey stills, steam, and crazy copper pipes." Simple ingredients and amazing results. Their campfire incense tops my list of favorite things at the moment. Seriously, you have to try it for yourself. Sweetgrass, Juniper, Piñon, Douglas Fir, Cedar...take your pick! All of Juniper Ridge's 7 wild fragrances are sustainably harvested in Northern and Southern California as well as the Pacific Northwest.

 Talented makers and making a difference too!
"10% of all Juniper Ridge profits go to various wilderness organizations, they hold regular events to benefit specific projects, do trail maintenance work in the summertime and are all avid wilderness activists both at work and in their personal lives." If there was a fan club, I'd be a member.
Is there a fan club?
Whether you are taking it along for a hike or using it as a mid-week getaway...
Be sure to check out the launch of their new CABIN SPRAY line this week!

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