Gloria Noto: WORKaholic

Acclaimed Jed Root makeup artist and Editor-In-Chief for the WORK Magazine, Gloria Noto is the epitome of effortlessly cool. With killer style (and we mean killer), revolutionary talent and a self-made magazine that is pushing the envelope and filling shelves of stockists from the USA to Japan, Gloria is a force to be reckoned with. Frankly, we don't know how she does it all. 
"I try to be present in every moment.  In whatever it is I am doing, I try to make it the most important thing on earth.  It's very hard to do this, but it's necessary to do it all!"

It's not often we find ourselves so enamored with someone we have never even met, but L.A. artist, Gloria Noto has us feeling like we are in High School again; hoping she will like us back and wondering how long before we can purchase matching BFF bracelets. Too soon?
To be honest, Gloria's style is what first caught our eye. Discovering the rest of her talents was just icing on the cake. Whatever she is doing, it is working for us. Whether it's her black Levis, a motorcycle jacket or an oversized sweater, we think shes giving her model clients a run for their money.
"I like basic pieces that have a bit of a twist.  Like men's button up shirts with an open shoulder, or black Levi's that I have cut to make high on the ankle.  I like to protect my face because I don't really wear sunscreen so I am generally in some odd hat. I like more of an ambiguous, one that isn't overall too feminine or too masculine and pretty neutral in color or all black."
Her tattoos, mysterious and intriguing, only further our opinion that she is an all around badass.
Daniel Trese Photography FVONF

"Gloria Noto grew up in Detroit, Michigan and spent much of her time as a child in Sicily, Italy. She was constantly surrounded by the arts as her mother was an interior designer and her father an ironsmith. Each of her siblings also pursued creative endeavors, so Gloria naturally followed in her family's footsteps, attending art college at the College for Creative Studies. She studied fine arts and furniture design, but ultimately left school to pursue a career in makeup. Looking for a change of pace, better weather and to further her career beyond the Michigan confines, Gloria moved west, to Los Angeles. She quickly adapted to the California lifestyle and her work flourished.

Gloria's need for the fast-paced life is now fulfilled by frequent visits to New York City for runway shows and editorial shoots. Her work can be seen in Vogue (Australian), Elle (Japanese) and Qvest. Gloria has worked on numerous advertising campaigns including BCBG MAX Azria and Herve Leger, as well as with young celebrities Christina Hendricks, Ashlee Simpson and Anna Kendricks. "
                                                         (Jed Root)

 We always like to ask, "What's on your playlist?" 
Music says a lot about who we are and Gloria (of course) did not disappoint us with her tunes.

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