Ax+ Apple: Making Things Like They Used To

It is a common misconception that because I work in jewelry, I am loyal to only the jewelry I design. Since I was young, accessories have always been the most exciting part of outfitting to me. As a stylist, jewelry is never the afterthought but often the narrator of inspirational attire. And as a jewelry designer, I find I delve into the art of carefully crafted pieces even more and marvel at each tiny intricate detail. Just because you are an artist does not mean you cease to appreciate other artists; rather you become more aware of their capabilities and possess a greater understanding of your love.  Such is the case with Austin based jewelry brand, Ax + Apple. Their carefully selected vintage and hand carved pieces combine to make up an array of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and one-of-a-kind jewelry. 

Perhaps I have an affinity for jewelry made with vintage parts (great minds DO think alike you know). Each piece, just as gorgeous as the last, is begging to be in my jewelry box. Long chained talismans and serpentine detailed carvings, each paying homage to this years most celebrated reptile, the snake. Their acclaimed lookbook is filled with page after page of beautifully styled photos featuring model Lauryn Holmquist, who exudes the mysterious and alluring spirit of the snake.


 "Jamie Lyn of ax + apple dabbled in almost every possible visual art before falling in love with jewelry design.  Having worked on a few period films in her stint as a props person, she accumulated an assortment of vintage findings including an array of world coins, various men’s pocket watch chains, and pen knives.  She began artfully combining these and other fine vintage components, with a modern eye and an appreciation for “making things like they used to”.  As the demand for the line grew, so did the range of findings used in the pieces and in the spring of 2009, the first collection was born.  Ax+apple can now be found in boutiques throughout the US, Canada, and Japan."

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