Made in America: Jay Adoni 3/97

I was able to sit down with Jay last month while in Vegas for Magic market week. Aside from being an incredible inspiring and talented individual, he oozes passion for what he does. He spoke about his efforts to feed homeless, his issues sourcing materials for production of his line, and his struggle in getting major companies like Nordstroms to fill their shelves with domestic products. After talking with him for nearly an hour about this initiative, all three of us who were there felt like we could have walked out of that showroom and changed the world. And we can! Supporting made in America is something that is very close to our hearts here at Makers Workshop. Not only should we support makers and workers in our own country, but we have to keep those great skills that have been passed down for hundreds of years, from generation to generation, alive. This will give more jobs, better quality control and allow for a quicker reaction to trends. This means that products are landing in your store sooner than you can say "Made in America!"

Jay Adoni founded L.J. Simone in the 70's, is Co-Founder of Pour la Victoire luxury accessory brand, and is currently the CEO of the Adoni Group which is home to GiraffeWalk, Modern Vice, Penny Sue, and many other brands and is the only full-production footwear factory in Manhattan. Modern Vice was founded by Jay's two sons, Jordan and Jensen Adoni who are carrying on the shoe making legacy in the heart of the New York Garment District. The Adoni Group employs nearly 100 people in their New York factory, and Adoni is hoping to increase this number to 500 in the future. "It's not easy," says Adoni, "employees need to know how to sew, last shoes, and cut leather" all skills that seem to be lost in this generation. Jay is working on opening schools in the U.S. to teach the art of shoe making among other trades; A school that would house all aspects of production and manufacturing.

But we aren't stopping there!

Not only are we challenging manufacturers to commit to at least 3% U.S. manufacturing, but we are challenging retailers as well! Commit to 3% of Made in America products in your store. Just 3%! And thousands of families will thank you.

#397Initiative and share with us how you are supporting this initiative and spread the word!

Source: Jay Adoni, Footwear Plus Magazine
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