Modern Vice: The Men, The Makers, The Legacy

New York luxury shoe brand Modern Vice is revolutionizing the shoe industry.  They aren't doing it by great modern advancements but in fact, it is quite the reverse. With workers who have been with the family owned company for over 20 years, these guys are taking it back; back to a time when people worked with their hands and created honest to goodness high quality products. Though they have the equipment, Jordan Adoni says simply, "most of these guys just like to do it themselves and sew them by hand."  Each shoe is handmade in their New York factory; providing jobs, keeping the art of shoe making alive, and reviving Made in America. While most people rant and rave about the fashion of it, I'm not. You see the shoes, you know that they are gorgeous and you want them. I know I fall in love with each and every pair... in every color.  The real story here is one of two brothers carrying on a skill passed down from their father, Jay Adoni. Jay founded L.J. Simone in the 70's, is Co-Founder of Pour la Victoire luxury accessory brand, and is currently the CEO of the Adoni Group which is home to GiraffeWalk, Modern Vice, Penny Sue, and many other brands. Jay Adoni has also created the 397 initiative in an effort to challenge manufacturers to produce a portion of their products here in the United States.
On our last full day in NYC, our photographer, Anna Addison, blog contributor, Sharime K, and I visited the Modern Vice factory. Walking through the doors was like entering a world of creation. The factory was abuzz, everyone working; cutting and shaping the leather, sewing, and lasting the shoes. Brothers Jordan and Jensen Adoni, Mikaila Koenig, and Natalie Suarez gave us our tour, introducing us to each maker and telling us about their detailed shoe making process. I walked around speechless, amazed by the energy and inner workings of it all. With weekly shipments coming in of luxurious leathers from around the world, these guys have gone from making a few shoes a day to over a hundred to keep up with their increasing demand.

Since their launch in 2012, Modern Vice has created quite the following and has been featured in magazines such as Elle, Nylon, Zink, Lucky, and Teen Vogue. They caught my eye last Septemeber, and between their incredible bags, shoes (oh! and jackets) and their constant feed of factory photos, my love for this brand is unwavering. I do not take lightly the brands or products I feature here on Makers Workshop. In fact, many of you write complimenting our well-curated lot of it all. The truth is I could write about Modern Vice every single day and twice on Tuesday. They are just that good.

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The Art of Shoemaking with Modern Vice from Anna Addison Photography on Vimeo.
Jensen Adoni + Myself + Jordan Adoni + Natalie Suarez

Mikaila Koenig


Jordan Adoni

Natalie Suarez and her one of a kind GB necklace
Jordan Adoni + Natalie Suarez

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