Cowboy Shoes

As a mom, I know I am supposed to be teaching Oliver the proper way to say things. How to count to 20 and this and that. Some things, however, I just cannot bare to correct. I absolutely adore them!

 I love that when I sneeze he says, "achoo mom." And when he sneezes, I say, "bless you," he says," achoo," back.

 I love that he calls Tow Mater ..Mater McQueen. 

And when he sings the alphabet somehow the letter K ends up in there 5 or 6 times and the typical ending of "next time wont you sing with me" is "now I'm ready R." 

I love that he laughs at me like I'm silly and says "no, not cowboy boots! Those are cowboy shoes mom!"

And he never ever says, "I love you" but, "I you" instead.

I know at some point K will only come after J and all of those little sayings will turn into the correct ones. But for now I like his version better.

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