18 Acre Plot

 El Cosmico is a lodging concept located on an 18 acre plot of land in the high desert town of Marfa, Tx. I heard about El Cosmico a few years ago and have been trying to make my way there ever since. This year I am set on getting away with my husband and celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary there in March. I am enchanted with the idea of sleeping in a teepee or safari tent under a warm, starry night sky or reading a good book in their elm grove full of hammocks. They do offer airstream trailers if that tickles your fancy but I'd much rather be outside.  Each of their beds is adorned with a gorgeous hand-dyed, hand-loomed vintage Bolivian blanket that is so rich in color and texture I just have to have one for my throw collection! The blankets and other wares such as dreamcatchers, books, apparel, camping gear, and other unique gifts are available at their onsite mercantile.

"More than just a place to spend the night, El Cosmico offers opportunities for creativity and play. Our evolving program of workshops and retreats ranges from sewing to cooking to art classes to writing workshops and more. Over time, we will add a series of art shacks - a silk screen workshop, a pottery studio, a darkroom, and others - places for both guests and locals to get their hands dirty."
While their current calendar doesn't offer anything other than camp cooking (which I think my Eagle Scout husband and I are set on) I am hoping that they will add some type of creative workshop for us to dabble at during our stay. If not, perhaps I'll spend some down time in their wood fired Dutch hot tub!

 Marfa has become wildly popular for being a young and somehow effortlessly hip community with its one woman chamber of commerce and absolutely no marketing strategies. Though seemingly unlikely, this desert town is home to many great large scale art installations, restaurants, music and some of Hollywood's most notable movies." In the past three years, The New York Times has run almost half a dozen features about Marfa — one solely on its handful of restaurants, including the inevitable food truck.(NPR, 8/2/2012)

I look forward to your wide open landscape and getting drunk on your abundance of sky, Marfa. 
Visit www.elcosmico.com to plan your next great escape.

Photography by Nick Simonite

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