This week begins a long series of traveling in our household. Yesterday Gregory left for Canada and tomorrow, I leave for Georgia. Our flight leaves bright and early and upon our arrival, we head straight over to the market center and begin working right away. It's going to be a busy week on the go! I always always travel in comfortable clothes like my knit harem pants (mine are oldies from Anthropologie). Paired with a collared blouse and structured leather jacket, it's put together and travel appropriate. I'm only bringing one pair of shoes (which never happens) but my Modern Vice Benni boots go great with everything! It also leaves room for anything I can't resist while I am there. It just a short trip but as always, I will be carrying a notebook for jotting down ideas and things to remember. Anna Addison is coming this time and I am sure we will cook up some brilliant ideas. Stay tuned for any great finds!