Maker: Shoe Last Light

Those that know me, know that I am a "gifter." It is my love language. I love being the person my friends call every holiday for gift ideas. I love hunting for the perfect thing to tell someone "hey, you know what, I like you!" The book  I LIKE YOU  does that pretty well and is actually one of my favorite gift tie-ons especially for valentines day.

 I digress....

  So, when I knew I was heading to New York to meet with my new friends at Modern Vice, of course I wanted to jump at the chance to bring them something really special. These guys are constantly inspiring me with their work and I wanted to do a little something for the guys carrying on the lost art of shoe making in the heart of New Yorks garment district. I made a few of these shoe last lights over a year ago and haven't really touched them since. But, getting back to them was so nice. Being in the wood shop just sort of sparks all of these ideas and I never want to leave.

You can find out more about Modern Vice on their website
 Also, stay tuned for my MV factory tour next week.


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