A Rootless Winter

This week, Winter came sweeping in and with the drop of the temperatures came a renewed sense of longing. My husband and I often joke about our two distinctly different plans for our future. In one, we live in a somewhat secluded cabin in the mountains and our days are spent simply and sincerely with one another; enraptured by natures beauty. The other is filled with fancy food, museums, and fashion in a bustling metropolis. Today however, I long for a quiet seclusion. The perpetual sound of nature outside my window or the collection of rocks Oliver finds each afternoon on our walk piled on the kitchen table. It is such a strange feeling to have a home, yet still feel so rootless and inexplicably drawn to an unknown place.

I suppose part of the beauty is waiting to see what the future holds; what unforeseen path our lives will take. 

For today, I'll  dream of this place.

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Special thanks to Anna Addison Photography for letting me use these beautiful winter photos.