Stanley & Sons Apron and Bag Co.


As a creative director, merchandiser, DIY fanatic and designer I'm always getting my hands dirty it seems. From one project to the next my pockets fill with screws, lengths of twine, buttons, handmade tags, and other random bits. My current apron is hanging on by the last thread; it's natural muslin color scarce amidst the globs of paint, plaster, and such. 

I have been lusting after these aprons from STANLEY & SONS for quite a while and I think it's about time for one to be mine. My favorite is this striped denim and leather lap apron but they are all so beautiful it's difficult to choose! I am such a sucker for leather. Each of STANLEY & SONS aprons (and bags) are made to order in Brooklyn, New York allowing them to provide great attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship. These lovelies are made to last which is just what I need!

Their line of bags is equally irresistible. This waxed canvas and leather backpack with hand-hammered copper rivets would be just perfect for days at the flea, running around town with little Oliver, or even my days as a buyer wandering around trade shows.

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