Digby & Iona: The Ideal Triangle

Aaron Ruff

If I had an official list of favorite makers, Brooklyn based designer and Digby & Iona creator, Aaron Ruff, would top it. I met Aaron nearly two years ago when we were introduced by a mutual friend in New York. The following day, we were all headed out of the city on a quest for treasures and I knew then that we would be great friends. We are, like many of my friends, brought together by our sincere admiration for history and its relics. Since I began my own adventure in jewelry design last year, Aaron's guidance has been invaluable. Knowing him, my veneration has not dulled but grown in amazement of his fantastic talent and incredible skill.

Aaron recently shared with me the concept behind his most recent collection, a geometrically influenced line of pyramid rings, Sierpinski pendants, and other polygonal detailed pieces that appropriately make up the collection titled The Ideal Triangle.


"This collection was extremely different from any other in that there was actually no source material or historical for inspiration at all. It was just a completely stream of conscious meditation on a shape. I began with by making the single isosceles triangle shape with the engraved lines through it and then began experimenting with it in 2D and 3D repeats. In the end I actually produced designs very similar to the Sierpinski triangle, a well known geometric fractal, although I had no previous knowledge of it. "

Aaron Ruff originally began in furniture design at Parsons but after taking a jewelry making class realized his true calling. Since launching Digby & Iona in 2006, Ruff has made quite the impact on the jewelry industry and is now sold in over 20 cities worldwide. With each new collection he explores new materials and levels of craftsmanship as with his last collection Inigo & Atreyu which featured natural colored diamonds set in 14k gold.
"Working with more precious materials is just the next step in my exploration of attempting to make heirloom quality jewelry. Originally I switched from woodworking to jewelry because it was easier to create heirloom pieces out of silver than oak, the move into gold and diamonds is just a natural progression."

    "My intent has always been to create pieces that would hopefully transcend a passing trend and be passed down. The base inspiration behind most of my work is to create pieces that I could not find as antiques or wish that were heirlooms within my own family history. It would be a great achievement to create a little bit of family history in the jewelry."

You can shop The Ideal Triangle and all of Digby & Iona's collections on the D&I website www.digbyandiona.com 

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