Treasures & Finds: A Day in Alabama

 One of my favorite things to do when I visit my sister in Alabama is to head over to their local junk store. There's building after building and some you aren't quite sure if they are going to fall on top of you or not. For some reason that makes me feel like I'm going to find something even more special. This time I walked away only with a Lion Leather wallet/pouch that use to hold elopement papers (apparently someone stole them-tsk) and a Christmas present for Sharime Kay.

Here are a few snaps of some of the treasures we found.
War Dept. Course in Cryptography Book
Military patches

Vintage Photo with handwritting

Gears on old farm equipment

Collection of tools

Green drawers with brass handles and  labels

Trough of bottles

Great packaging- Army and Navy Suspensory
Old dental print
Vintage lunch boxes

Milk bottle collection

Leather pouch that held elopement papers

Lucky horse shoes