Found Friday: Antlers & An Antique Dress

Ahhhh...the life of a buyer. Sometimes it is just so hard to say no to something you want for yourself but wouldn't do well for your market. But every now and then, fate (we will call it that) works in your favor. That's the case with this set of three plaid plaque antlers.
 They came in this week and I can't wait to find a spot for them in my house.
Yes, folks I am going to hang something on my wall!
 Plaid AND antlers. It doesn't get much better than that in my opinion.

 Another job perk!
The owner of GB, Susan Davis, is somewhat of a collector. We will call her a collector of old:
old buttons
old advertisements
old industrial bobbins & bits
old tins

Now, I'm not just talking your average thrift store find collections here people. This woman has some of the most beautiful, rare, and interesting trinkets I have ever seen. And this week I became the recipient of one of those- a gorgeous late 1800's dress. Paper thin and faded but with its impeccable hand-sewn details still very visible. I feel like I want to investigate each and every stitch wondering who it's MAKER was.
Thanks Susan!