Country Living Fair: Day 3

As we finish the Country Living Fair today I am absolutely exhausted. I've walked in circles, told more stories about work than I thought possible, walked in more circles and pulled pine straw out of every possible crevice.

I met some really great people on this trip though including the guys and gal behind FOLK magazine and Country Living Mag editor, Sarah Gray Miller.  I look forward to working with all of my new friends and of course meeting them back at the Country Living Fair next year (maybe next time in NYC).

 I began the day quite early at 6 am looking like this... so very tired.
The day quickly started looking up when I found a real french pastry shop for breakfast. Jealous?
With the wind gusting trough the tress today, I ended up borrowing a blanket stitched alpaca sweater from the "sheep company" vendor. Apparently 42 degrees in the windy mountain air is my breaking point where I sacrifice my style for warmth. I'm from Louisiana okay.

This is my new diva alpaca friend, Lucinda. Isn't she fabulous?!

Until next time...see ya Stone Mountain, Georgia. It's been real. 

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