Workshop 1: Failure and Success

Workshop 1.

When I sat down to plan out the first Workshop, it made sense for me to start the Workshop series where all of this began- with my two best friends, Kayla and Rachel. In college we inseparable- Rachel and I lived together for a while and Kayla and I worked nonstop on our line, LinKa., together. Where you saw one, you typically saw the other two.  We all majored in Merchandising and Consumer Studies and of course we were those annoying people in our labs outside of class because we just lovvveeed surface design soooo much. I know right?! When we got together, we were always making something. These gals have seen me at my best and my worst. They are the ones I call when I am having a bad day. When I get really excited about an idea, they get the "!!!!" text. They were the ones who stood beside me- along with my sister-on my wedding day.

 (They made that Just Married cardi as a surprise for me too!)

Sarah Lyles Photography

I had great plans for Workshop 1. I prepped- I packed- and we flew to Seattle (where Rachel now lives). Once we were there, we were so happy to be together again and explore this amazing new city that the Workshop kept getting pushed back another night and then another.

The first day we saw our favorite band, Sigur Ros ( I'm sure you read the post-right?)

We ate giant donuts

We climbed a mountain- or so we will tell you

We had a snow ball fight

Found a hot spring

Jumped in an ice cold creek

Drank the best coffee

Pretended we were dinosaurs - well one of us did

Climbed a water tower

Rented a super cool minivan

Stepped on a meadow-oops!

Walked through the rainforest

Hugged a thousand year old tree

Drank the best beer

Watched the sunset over the Olympic Mountains

and took a million pictures of it all.

So, while the planned Workshop wasn't happening I think an even better one was. We left Seattle with a sense of excitement and inspiration that some weeks later we still feel. As artists, that is invaluable. It's like I wake up each morning and say "

OK let's do this!" and I'm ready for the next project.

 It's so easy to get into a rut especially when you do something creative for your profession. You tend to exhaust all of your creative juices at work and then by the time you get home the last thing you want to do is start all over again.  Then you start to hate it because it feels like a job. I've had this conversation countless times with friends and it will always be an ongoing battle of balance.

So, if you are feeling that way I challenge you to climb a mountain or rent a super cool mini van. Do something out of the ordinary for you. See something different. Wake up and shake up your spirit a little bit.