Sigur Rós: Paramount Theater,Seattle

There are very few people who have ever reached idol status to me but at the top of that short list is Icelandic Post-Rock band, Sigur Rós. In 2007 "Sæglópur"  set the tone for my fashion show with design partner, Kayla Jobe. Later in 2007 Kayla and I were able to talk intimately with Jónsi and  boyfriend Alex at their art opening for Riceboy Sleeps in Little Rock, Arkansas. I struggled to find the words to say "Hey, your music has changed my life." Somehow the words were not enough.
 (He told Kayla the skirt she made was f***ing awesome- no big deal) 
And in 2009 I happily walked down the aisle to "Hoppípolla" played by a string quartet after I became Mrs. Smith. If everything beautiful in the world came together and made a song- that to me is what Sigur Rós sounds like. When I listen to them, it's as if pistons start firing in my brain and the ideas just start pouring out. Do you get where I am going here? Sigur Rós has always been an incredible source of inspiration to me, my life, and my work.
This past week I had the opportunity to see Sigur Rós at the Paramount theater in Seattle, Washington.
 It was inspiring - It was moving - It was epic. 
Along with my 5 dearest friends (including Kayla Jobe) we sat awe struck with tear filled eyes from the balcony while Jónsi poured his emotions into each song. The band played the perfect mix of new and old songs emphasized by lights and well thought out visuals taking the crowd on a sensation roller coaster. After an electrifying encore of "Popplagið,” none of us really said much but we knew... this was huge. It was a moment we would remember and talk about years down the road.
I'm so glad I was able to share this moment with my incredible friends. Now the only way we can top this trip is to to go to Iceland!
(I received a documentary on Iceland last year for Christmas- I'm ready!)

 If you haven't heard Sigur Rós I strongly recommend you give them a listen.  
It might change your life.
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