Market Trends F/W 2012-2013: Las Vegas

If there is one thing I have noticed over the years in fashion with the development of social media and platforms such as pinterest and even instagram is that fast fashion is just getting faster. People are seeing it in more places and are keeping up in ways they weren't able to before. Therefore, the market has to respond to that ever growing need for change and style- heavily influenced by you on the streets! This was definitely the case at market this go around.  Vendors are playing it safe and cutting more styles for immediate purchase instead of say 6 months in advance to reduce their loss with these fast changing trends. While some styles are hanging around and are repeat offenders from the February market there were some new kids on the block and let me tell you its all about the details!


If its a vest, a shirt, colored, if its dipped, if its tie dyed, patterned, torn, cropped- if it's denim you are getting it right. Denim was everywhere. But, let me be perfectly clear - not all denim is created equal. Do not rush out to your nearest Forever 21 and buy a chambray shirt. Who are we kidding. Denim is going to be around forever. Invest in a good quality brand that will wear well and have beautiful workmanship and details. It is worth it.

See ya neon! Your softer side is showing this fall and spring. From pants to accessories- pastels were everywhere!

Studs & Spikes

 Not just for the rebels anymore. Studs and spikes are taking a mainstream turn and are one of my favorite trending details. But expect to pay a little bit more for these extra embellishments.

Collar Details
Don't get me wrong I love a chiffon button up blouse just as much as the next gal but it was getting a little boring. They were all starting to look the same. Luckily, designers are putting a little pizazz on the staple this  season with collar embellishments from studs to lace to sequins. Perfect for day to night when you are on the go. I can't get enough!

If you ask me lace is always right. If I was a fabric, I would be lace. So, I am pretty excited to see so much of it this season. I really had to show restraint at market. No one wants an all lace boutique right? (they don't right? OK just checking.) Don't be afraid to wear it with just a bandeau or great bra and let the lace detail show.  

 Let the 13 year old inside of me jump for joy! Sequin jackets, skirts, shirts, pants. YES YES YES give them all to me. Okay. Maybe I was a little impacted by Vegas fever but you have to admit there is something so fantastic about slipping into an ultra glam outfit and your best red lip. You just feel good. Why hold all these sparkles and glitter for the holidays? Thank you designers I will be partaking. 

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