Loupe Theory Studios

The very talented folks of Loupe Theory Studios put together this beautiful wedding trailer for Tyler and Cary Koch, whom I introduced you to a few weeks ago. This video really is a portrait of the love that Tyler and Cary not only have for each other but their family and friends as well. Although if you were there the week of the wedding and saw how many people were pitching in and just how many people wanted to be around those two, you know there's a lot of love. Just as important ...there was a whole lot of fun too! For those who don't know Cary is a wide receiver for the Edmonton Eskimos so he and Tyler were shipping off to Canada a few short weeks after the wedding. Bittersweet I'm sure-though I've seen some pretty spectacular photos from their travels already.

I am so excited to have met these guys from LTS while doing the wedding and to see all the great things they are doing in and around the community. They are currently working on mini-doc series highlighting the launch of BR Walls project. Below is a photo Max Zoghbi of LTS took of artists Sahila & Clark putting the final touches on their piece in downtown Baton Rouge.
Other than the fact that these guys are crazy talented, they also just seem to  radiate love and kindness.
They boast these three fun facts on their site: 
  • The heart behind their business is God centered. Their foundation is solid 
  • They know their stuff and are great at what they do. Over 5 years in the biz 
  • They are based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Southern hospitality at its finest
 It's just nice to see people doing something because this is what they love and this is what they set out to do. I know I'm on their side lines cheering them on! Sometimes doing that is harder than you would think. So, if you need a video for your business, product, wedding, or just have an idea you can't get out of your head- get in touch with these guys. 

Tomorrow, come back here and get to know a little bit more about Max Zoghbi, Co-founder and Creative Director of Loupe Theory Studios!