One of our biggest projects at home this year has been our backyard.  Almost the first thing we did after moving in was pull up the deck in the back which left a huge mud pit.  Since then, we have spent countless weekends trying to make it into an oasis for us and a play area for Oliver. Limited on shaded space, however, we needed a solution for when we entertain.  There really wasn't enough room for the smallest of tables on our little patio. Then we found this salvaged mantel at a local antique store and knew it would be the perfect space saving "table" for us. Can't you picture candles, champagne cocktails, and a gathering of your closest friends? I can.

All of this lead us to today's project- painting with moss!

We are painting the center of the "fireplace" with moss in hopes that in a few short weeks it will be lush and green. 

Did you know you can take a couple of chopped cups of moss (dry or fresh) and blend it with about 2 cups of buttermilk, paint it on a shady surface (bricks, rocks, pots) and within a few weeks you should start to see signs of moss?! Pretty neat if you ask me.


Here is what our finished product looked like. It is not very attractive now and mostly looks like mud, but fingers crossed it will be. Also, just a heads up if you try this at home, it has a pretty pungent odor.
I'll be sure to keep you posted on it's progress.