Plants Plants Plants

I'm back from market and oh so happy to be home. We saw some really beautiful designs and clever installations but the biggest stunner throughout was the incredible use of plants! Sometimes - or most of the time actually- design doesn't have to be complicated to be great. After I was settled back at home I immediately started looking to see where I could use more plants. Ok, I honestly don't have any plants currently aside from the fresh cuts I keep from my garden. Guilty.

Did you know to improve health and fatigue, you should use one large plant every 127 square feet?! To purify air, 15-18 plants should be used for an 1, 800 square-foot house. Whoops! I better get to planting!
These little guys were hiding
in the moss - squeak squeak.
How do you use plants in your home? Just getting started and don't know what plants to use? Martha has some tips for choosing houseplants for any kind of light.