As hard as it is to imagine with 100 degree temps outside, fall is just around the corner.  Planning and prep for fall began for me a few weeks ago. Crazy right? Trust me.. I had to start burning pine scented candles to get me in the holiday mood.  When I first begin preparing for a new season the first thing I do is trend research for home and apparel. I then take the trends I think will be relevant to our customer(the matrix trend didn't make the cut) and start to develop our new store concepts. This is an extremely valuable buying tool for us when we head off to market in Atlanta and Vegas.  This week I've been working in our first concept " GIRLS GUIDE" so that when we return from market the shelves are ready to be filled with all of the new product that will help tell her story.

Who she is:
Girls Guide
to living off the land

Her go to item is her grandpa's cable knit sweater. She has a tin box on her dresser of trinkets she has collected on her afternoon walks. Every winter she goes to her family's cabin (she adores reading A Christmas Carol by the fire in that lumpy old chair). Her favorite drink is a hot cup of tea ( no lemon- extra honey). Her favorite bands are First Aid Kit and Fleet Foxes. She has always wanted to knit but has never finished a project... maybe one day. Her father, who was a tailor in Iceland, moved to America and traces of his tailor shop have become a part of their humble little home. She has always found comfort in watching her father work the bolts of handwoven tweed and nimble cotton. 

With blanket stripes, plaids, and chunky knits- this gal is sure to be one of my favorites this winter.

Help me finish her story...
What else do you think she likes or doesn't like?  Do you have a song you think she would like? What's her favorite dish? What does she do for a living? What's her favorite city?